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A couple of minor tweaks in the line-up for tonight, most notably Kevin Weekes getting his first start of the year in place of Henrik Lundqvist.

Beyond that:

— Ryan Hollweg moves up to the third line on the left wing with Blair Betts and Adam Hall.

— Marcel Hossa will skate with Jason Ward and Colton Orr on the fourth, while Nigel Dawes sits for a second consecutive game.

— No change in the defensive pairings. Michal Rozsival is back after missing practice yesterday with a hip flexor, while Darius Kasparaitis stayed behind in Westchester to work out.

Getting back to Weekes, maybe it’s not the ideal time to make your first start of the year. The Sabres are 3-0 and might well be the best team in the league.

That said, there is a potential upside: given the Rangers’ lax play in the defensive zone on Thursday night, they know they absolutely have to support a goaltender who is likely to be rusty. If anything, the team was relying too much on Lundqvist the first few games, and that, they soon learned was a mistake.

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  1. Patrick Hoffman on

    It was nice to see Shanahan and Tyutin put pucks in the net on the power play goal. However, Weekes looks downright rusty. I guess one would expect that considering he has not been in a game since last April. He needs to do a better job with his rebounds and with being square to the shooter.

    Here’s hoping that we get the lead back in the second period.

    Your Friend,

    Patrick Hoffman

  2. Rangers get 2 nice PP goals, and then pull the el foldo act again.

    Goals against are a big problem, harkening back to the bad old days of the previous 7 years.

  3. Rangers are watching the puck in the defensive zone, instead of watching their man. And most of their d-men and centers are not mobile enough or physical enough to play against the opposing teams’ top lines.

    Brendan Shanahan’s scoring is the lone bright spot.

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