For those keeping score at home (or tearing their hair out, for that matter), the last time the Rangers were under .500 was when they finished the 2003-04 schedule 27-40-7-8.

Unless Chris Drury is somehow traded to the Rangers before the third period, I’m pretty sure they’ll be slipping back below that line tonight.

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  1. Is it a lack of team speed or team toughness that explains why the rangers haven’t been able to hit anybody (cept for Aaron Ward)? Also, Renney doesn’t seem to have any ability to hold players accountable during a game. Is this a function of the players — see Jagr — having too weak of a consitution to handle being benched? Or is it Renney’s constitution?

    In any case, I think I’m just trying to find something other than the obvious to complain about. As I’m already tired of complaining about fundamentals.

    On the bright side, Rangers fans will officially have time to be productive in their own lives over the next 8 months. And even better, there’ll be fewer angry girlfriends and wives in the Metropolitan area.

    For those of you Rangers fans who have yet to invest in TiVo or a DVR, I highly recommend it. There’s something less painful about a game when it only takes an hour and you can fast forward through goal celebrations, ineffective power plays and the like.

    Peace be with you Sam. Just out of curiosity, did they give you the rangers beat because you can follow them in April when you return to covering golf?

    A parting shot… how come North Korea gets in trouble for doing what the rangers do every other night?

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