Mostly because I’m clueless…


…I didn’t even notice that Michal Rozsival was kept out of practice today with a hip flexor.

The defenseman is now day-to-day, and that means we very well might be seeing Darius Kasparaitis make his season debut tomorrow night against the Sabres.

This will all be decided tomorrow, naturally, probably right around the time another snowstorm barrels through Buffalo and the game is relocated to Utica.

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  1. Anthony (Abev) on

    Sam, not sure how much you can speak on this. Have you inquired into the specifics of the “Kasparaitis” test and if the results are at all attainable by Kasparaitis even in his best day?

  2. good thing they let rozsival, who is coming off an injury and missed all of training camp and preseason play over 26:00 last game. i’m sure that had nothing to do with him getting hurt right?

    i have another great idea, renney should continue to play 37 year old shanahan 24:00+/game on both the pp and pk and then we can all take bets on how long it takes for him to get hurt from being overused.

    i mean overplaying jagr last year worked out so well at the end of the season…

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