Fourteen inches of snow in Buffalo


Someone might want to fill them in up there that it’s still October.

Meanwhile, maybe that’s one way to avoid a loss to the formidable Sabres tomorrow night. The Rangers just won’t go.

In other news, “here’s my story from last night’s Garden debacle”: There’s a lot to discuss. I’m at practice right now, where to no one’s surprise, the Rangers are going through Defensive Coverage 101.

Still no word on who’s starting in goal, but Tom Renney hinted last night that the timing might be right for Kevin Weekes to see his first action of the year.

Back with more later..

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  1. The way the Rangers have been playing, maybe this snow will bless us with a cancellation of tomorrows game. We can only hope.

  2. Hey Sam.. Been reading for awhile and just wanted to tip my hat to you for your Ranger coverage on the blog…A definite must read …Defintely going the extra mile for us diehards and giving us the latest in Rangerland..But, and you can tell the truth, getting addicting in providing the info to us fans? :)

    Glad to hear the Boys are working on that sloppy D…A HEALTHY Kaspar will help..Given the small minutes of the 4th line, Wonder if the Rangers might go with 7-D when Kaspar (or, gulp, OZO) first come back…

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  3. imo the timing was right to play weekes LAST night…as much as lundqvist has struggled, last night was 100% the defense’s fault and I feel that sitting lundqvist saturday makes it look like you are pointing the blame at him for the loss…i’d rather see some dmen sat to send a message.

  4. Now would be a good time to see what some players in Hartford could do on D. See what Baranka could do and gauge his development, just using him as an example as there are others in Hartford that would be worth a look, if developing players is in the agenda. That would send a message to vets and kids. Of course it will never happen.

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