Did I not say…


…Matt Cullen was going to score tonight?

After the game, I’m leaving directly for Vegas.

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  1. Right, Sam. And Cullen should be playing the point on the PP as well. Also, Adam Hall is playing very well.

    Renney’s over-use of the Czech posse is ludricous.

  2. Horrible call by that idiot ref! With a minute to play in a tie game, he calls Jagr for a weak, one-handed reach, NOT a hook. Goodbye, game.

  3. Sam, any chance Jagr will actually be disciplined for his many unnecessary penalties. Whether or not you think that one tonight was a bad call, he seems to get a lot of penalties that stem from laziness/exhaustion and often come at bad times.

    I remember at the beginning of last season people were actually benched for lack of discipline and for straying from the plan. Any shot Renney will go back to that kind of accountability?

    Also, is Weekes going to get a game?

    And, finally, if they send Pock down they’re crazy.

    Keep up the great work.

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