Who needs Brian Leetch?


The Rangers have Thomas Pock!

The guy scores a goal, carries the puck out of trouble in the defensive end, even mixes it up behind the net. If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll even play the organ in between periods.

Seriously, pretty good stuff from a guy who is supposed to be the team’s seventh defenseman, and who still risks going back to Hartford when other players get healthy.

If he keeps playing like this, that might be a tough move to make.

In other news, you’re right in that the Rangers have picked up their intensity after a fairly uninspired start. Stay tuned.

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  1. Tyutin looks just awful tonight!

    And how about the refs. They call ticky-tack hooking penalties against the Rangers to put them 2 men short, but then when Jagr walks in on the goalie with 2 Flyer guys holding and hooking him, there is no call whatsoever.

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