The power play is not as bad as it looks.


For instance, the Rangers are fairly effective at preventing other teams from scoring during those times. So, you know, they’ve got that going for them…

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  1. the wake up call didn´t work and it seems I haven´t missed anything to wake up shortly before Shanny powerplay goal at 19.41 !!!!

    Steve Zipay will be interviewed in the second period, Sam are you going to be interviewed as well in one of the next games ???

    Oh man Forsberg did score goal and assisted on two others !!!!

  2. No, it’s worse.

    Very poor effort. No intensity, no hitting, no hustle.

    And the usual lack of shooting on the PP, except for Shanny.

    Nothing worse than the Euro-hesitation from the blueline on the PP. instead of a blast and a rebound, they want the perfect pretty play, which seldom happens.

    They acquire Cullen to play the PP point, and then Renney won’t use him. Instead, he keeps throwing Rosival and Straka out there, and they just hold-and-wait as the clock ticks away.

  3. Hi Sam,
    Great stuff from you. Read you religiously. Maybe you could ask our “coach” why Prucha who scored 16 PPG last year sees only 4:25 minutes of power play time and what purpose does Straka serves standing on the point when we have Pock who can shoot and who showed tonight that he can also score. As we saw last year, Starka can set up Jagr on power play for a shot but when Straka is standing on the opposite side on the blue line the only option for a pass to Jagr is cross ice pass, which easily could be intercepted and even if it goes through it not easy to shoot off this kind of pass.
    Maybe he can also explain how he will develop Tyutin when he has 1:27 of PP time when Rozsival has eight minutes trying to ineffectively pass to Jagr.

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