Can he make it to the Garden by 7?


Don’t look now, but the Flyers “might be making a play for Brian Leetch”:, at least according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.


In a familiar refrain, Leetch’s agent Jay Grossman said the defenseman hasn’t made up his mind about the season. Maybe Leetch should speed it up a little bit in that department. By the time he does make up his mind, he risks walking into an empty arena in mid-July. “Hello, anyone here? I’m ready to play….”

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  1. I have a lot of respect for Leetch, but I am so sick of this “will he or won’t he” crap. Is there a deadline he has to abide by, or can this go on all season?

  2. Sam,
    Isnt it realistically a little late for him to join up? The Rangers right now dont need him at all, theres no room for him. I dont think he would go to the rival of the team that he played most of his career for, but if the Flyers are the only team in the hunt for him at this point he might not have a choice. I think for me it would be an easy decision, retire, he made his money, has a family, its time to hang em up, hes over the hill now. I am thankful in a way he didnt come back to the rangers, he was once a great ranger no doubt, and will have his jersey hung in the rafters but i think its too late, sorry brian i dont want him back, he should have made that decision before training camp, the flyers arent smart if they sign him, hes too slow for the nhl at this point, and with one of the slower defenses in the league except pitkanen, this would only make the flyers slower.

  3. There’s no deadline as far as I know, other than one in which a team has to have its playoff roster finalized by (I’ll check on that). That said, the Flyers’ defense is very shaky, so I doubt he’d hurt.

    Also, it’s easy for us to say just walk away. But when hockey has been your entire life, and you still think you’ve got something left in the tank, you’re still tempted to give it a shot.

  4. there is no deadline for signing a UFA…unsigned RFAs must be signed by Dec 1st or they can’t play that season.

  5. Jonathan Probber on

    Now that Pavel Kubina is hurt, Maple Leafs might be re-interested in Leetch. Brian’s pretty cagey, sitting by quietly watching defensemen around the league drop. If he hangs on, he’ll soon be able to command a salary quite respectable for a 38-year-old guy.

  6. Jonathan —

    Believe me, I saw it.
    Ian is a good man — with the notable exception of his indifference toward hockey. What can I tell you? Some guys are just missing out. Next time I see him I’ll be sure to come at him with my elbows high.

  7. I undrstand your point, Sam, about the difficulty in walking away. That said, it’s really time to go or get off, so to speak. If he’s still that unsure, maybe he really doesn’t want to play.

    That said, I don’t care if he is Brian Leetch. Yes, he was my favorite Ranger for 18 years, and I wish the guy everything great in the world. But he shows up at MSG in a Philly uniform, he gets booed like the rest of them. I think I’d have a hard time not booing my own son if he were a Flyer (well, OK, maybe not that bad, but it wouldnt be easy).

  8. What is this, junior high? Why do hockey fans care so much about hockey’s popularity with the population at large? As long as the game is healthy and teams are making money, I don’t think it really matters. The game has been improved by the rule changes, whether or not they brought in more fans.

    Would it be nice if ESPN were still showing hockey besides the NCAA title game? Sure it would. But we can watch our Rangers, on TV or at the Garden, and we enjoy it, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

  9. Speaking of the health of the game…there’s been something like 7 shutouts in the first 36 games or so (I’d have to go back and count for sure). Granted it’s very early in the season (note even a week), but normally the start of the season you see more scoring not less.

    Another statistic…the last time the Rangers started 3-0…1989-90.

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