The good news is we’re going to a shootout….


The bad news is I’m blowing deadline…..

4-4 at the end of regulation and overtime.

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  1. What a shootout!, I had to listen to it on the radio, I’m 21 and in pretty good shape but I’m pretty sure I almost suffered a couple heart attacks. How ironic is it that the one who pulled through in the end is the one everybody wants out of town. Good for Hossa and way to go Henrik!

  2. Why the heck doesn’t anyone ever go backhand? How many shots did both teams lob at the goalies’ glove hands? And my god, how about hiring an assistant coach who knows something about power plays. What does Renney have to say about the p.p.?

  3. Anthony (Abev) on

    deadline schmedline, we need you here, Sam.

    The one time I was able to attend a practice last year, I noticed that Marcel Hossa got along very well with all the players. In fact there was one time during drills that Jagr must have said something to Hossa to keep him laughing hysterically for several minutes.

    While everyone was very happy about tonights win by Hossa, it also seemed like there was a genuine happiness for Hossa from the other players. That they, too, see something in him and one “perspective changers” turns Hossa into the Forward that the powers-that-be think he will be.

    While he is on the borderline of becoming the MSG boobirds new Tom Poti, he really seems like a popular teammate.

    The behind the scenes stuff interests me. Sam, feel free to confirm or deny :-)

  4. Yeah, you should grill Renney about the power play, Sam. It was atrocious (sp?) once again.

    As for no-one going to backhand on the shootout. Nylander has that money-move only him and Sundin master where he dekes to the backhand and roofs the puck to top-shelf so I was expecting him to do that here again. Jagr actually went backhand, but couldn’t get the puck anymore from that position.

    Anyway, nice to see Hossa get the winner after all that has been said about him.

  5. Anthony —

    I thought it was interesting last night when Renney talked about Hossa and said he just had a gut feeling about him. Maybe that’s not enough to go on for a coach justifying playing a player other people just don’t get. But it’s not like Hossa isn’t trying. He does always work hard, which is the most you can ask for. If it just so happens that he makes a couple of boneheaded plays now and then, that might be more attributable to his youth than anything else.

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