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I have to check, but I’m pretty sure this means you can’t pick on Marcel Hossa for at least a month.

Or a week.

OK, at least give the guy until Tuesday.

Seriously, you have to love the shootout. It’s like Hockey for Dummies. No icing. No power plays. If you can’t figure this out, then you should probably stick to professional wrestling.

Anyway, a couple of quick thoughts:

— Yes, Marek Malik was next in line for the shootout. And no, lightning doesn’t strike twice…

— The Rangers power play was awful tonight, and I blame that early sequence when the Flyers had four penalties in three minutes. The Rangers actually had a number of opportunities then, but couldn’t convert. After that, the wind was out of their sails.

— Understandably, Tom Renney wasn’t thrilled with his team’s performance, and rightfully so. It was a mess out there, but when you have a player like Hossa, you get away with a lot of mistakes.

OK, that’s all for now. I’m off to brave the Turnpike….

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  1. After a particularly ugly game last season I recall Renney used to say there were many lessons that could be learned. Yikes, if the Rangers look at the tape from last night they will indeed learn a lot about what NOT to do. They should have won the game in the first five minutes and they must be a much tougher team. If they learn these lessons the game will be a lot more valuable than the two points they earned.

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