Look on the bright side


No one on the Rangers is named T.O.

They just showed a brief clip of the maligned ex-Eagles receiver on the video board here, and I think I even saw a 2-year-old boo. Man, by comparison, Jagr should feel like a favorite son.

Meanwhile, a sloppy period for the Rangers, with nothing to show for 7:16 worth of power plays, and plenty to show for their own careless penalties. It’s 2-1 Flyers after Simon Gagne’s goal at the end of the period, and if not for Henrik Lundqvist, it could have been worse.

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  1. Rangers should have scored on all those powerplays to make it 2-0 or 3-0. Afterwards they seemed to be sloppy at times from what I hear from the Rangers radio, Ward and Tyutin beeing on the ice for three Flyers Goals….

    Lundqvist seemed to be frustrated after the end of the second, Do you think he should have saved the fourth ????

  2. Rangers 0-5 on the powerplay..oh man if you don´t score on the pp, you can´t win the hockey game…

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