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I just did some quick math.

At this rate, the Rangers would finish 82-0, which, although I’m not certain, is probably a record. Also, Brendan Shanahan would finish with 164 goals. Again, I’d have to check, but I think that’s also pretty good.

Seriously, as I alluded to last night, I’m not sure you can ask for much more out of a season opener (reader Neal requested I post my story from today’s paper. “Here it is”: Big stars. Electric vibe. Great start to the year. But in the painfully long, three-games-in-five-nights, half-the-team-has-the-flu grind that is the NHL schedule, it still only counts for two points.

I mention this because the Rangers now have to come back tomorrow night on the road against the Flyers, and with Karel Rachunek sustaining a charley horse against the Caps, there is a question of who will be playing defense.

I should emphasize it’s only a small question. While Rachunek sat out today’s practice and I saw him limping around the locker room, it IS only a charley horse, and Tom Renney said he expects him to be able to play tomorrow in Philly.

Still, even the prospect underscores the precarious nature of the Rangers’ backline, what with only 22 players on the roster, and Darius Kasparaitis still not at 100 percent.

(Renney said if need be, he could use Kasparaitis tomorrow, but it wouldn’t be his preference.

“He can play hockey. He just can’t play hockey to the level that we need from him,” Renney said.

There is also the chance of Ivan Baranka getting called up from Hartford, but again, not likely. Of course, the Rangers also have Sandis Ozolinsh working his way back from injury. But that’s a blog entry for another day.)

I’m not sure any of it’s worth worrying about at this stage. But it just shows how each day presents a new challenge.

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  1. Shame on me, guys

    I have completly missed the game falling asleep by midnight and woke up by 5 !

    My apologies :):)

    Sam, can you ask the Rangers to start an hour or two earlier to make life more comfortable to me ????:) Anyway they have only a few afternoon games until to Christmas (3pm once and a 5pm start twice) !!!

    So what was the best last night ? Jagr´s introduction, his first in his first shift, or Shanny´s first or his 600 ??

    I was on the highlight machine on and on for the video console.. There is such a bad quality of pictures. Oh man the Chinese doin´this much better :)

    Sam, hopefully you haven´t forgotten me to ask the right people how long does it take to have a decent internet live streming web coverage !! I already have mailed the commissioner and his deputy and Mr, Phil Coffey but didn´t get any response yet !!!

    I read all your entries…For your first home game of the Rangers as beat writer you had a decent debut, so there is always hope for improvment !

    Smile, Matthias

  2. Come on Walter !

    Don´t you like some beers once in a while ????:)

    When I enlarge the picture, I see a nice guy with a perfect hair style probably the best son-in-law a mother-in-law can ask for !:)

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