Cloak and dagger


UPDATE, 6:40 p.m.: Jagr is on the ice for warm-ups but is not wearing the “C”. Maybe it’s going to Colton Orr after all!

Greetings from the Garden, where the efforts to avoid divulging Jaromir Jagr will be named the team’s next captain in a pre-game ceremony have reached comical proportions.

Among the other surprises that we can expect tonight:

— The Rangers will all be wearing skates.

— There will likely be pucks involved.

— Someone, somewhere in the Garden will buy an overpriced beer.

In an effort to get something in the can before the game, the writers pulled a couple of players and Tom Renney aside to talk about the type of leader Jagr is — you know, just in case at some point in the next couple of hours, a “C” would magically find its way to his chest.

Renney talked at length about it. So did Martin Straka, and Aaron Ward. All, in fact, were quite eloquent. And yet if the subject of Jagr being named captain tonight came up, they all looked at us as if we were asking them to reveal state secrets. It should be noted that we saw Jagr in the hallway as well. He was wearing a warm-up jacket, but alas, no “C”.

Oh well, I suppose it can wait.

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  1. What’s up with MSG network?

    No Rangers tailgate show this year. No live half hour sports news shows anymore. and their website says “coming soon”.

    They are running a fly-by-night, cheapo operation now. With nothing but canned, old shows that require little manpower expense.

    At this rate, Pretty soon the Ranger games will cease live coverage, and probably be taped and shown as “Ranger Classics from Last Night”

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