Apparently not all of New York is preoccupied with baseball


Tremendous vibe for pre-game introductions, with every Ranger skating out to a thunderous applause.

If you’re one of the team’s most recent additions, from Cullen to Ward to Shanahan, how pumped are you to be calling this place your home ice?

But, naturally, the biggest cheer was for Jagr, who, as we all expected, was introduced as the 24th captain in team history. I know I made fun of the team just before for trying to keep the whole thing a secret, but I’ve got to admit, it was a pretty cool scene.

Anyway, puck’s about to drop. Finally….

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  1. Ehhh I dont know…i thought Shanny got the biggest cheer……..(i guess becauses hes the new toy in the chest)….Jagr is still my #1 though ;)

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