And then there were 23


Show of hands, who had Stephen Valiquette in their Rangers roster pool?

Me neither.

The team sent both Ivan Baranka and Jarko Immonen back to Hartford today in time for a 3 p.m. deadline to submit their 23-man roster to the NHL. But as far as I can tell, the most curious move was the decision to keep Valiquette as a third goalie, thus proving that Kevin Weekes and his sore groin are not ready for the start of the season.


As for the other two moves, it seemed like Baranka and Immomen were the most logical moves, although as I said earlier, Immomen figures to be the first guy called up if another forward goes down. Of course, this also means that Nigel Dawes makes the team, which I felt was the right move all along.

In other news, the Rangers got through their three-day mini-camp in Lake George, and most revealing was that the trio of Michael Nylander, Brendan Shanahan, and Jaromir Jagr continued to practice together as the first line while Martin Straka was at center on the second between Petr Prucha and Adam Hall.

Granted, this could be a passing phase, but it appears to be a vote of confidence for Hall, who has impressed Tom Renney enough to be a part of what could be another productive scoring line.

And yes, I at least had Hall in my roster pool.

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  1. Anthony (Abev) on

    I gotta think somethings up with Weekes. Hurt I guess? His only other option is LTIR – he cant be sent down without clearing waivers?

    If the price is right, Weekes being shipped out wont hurt. If the NYR get to a situation where the 2nd goalie is neccesary, the Rangers are in trouble no matter how you look at it.

    Valiquette is serviceable. And if not Valiquette, get Montoya up for some experience/showcasing.

  2. If the Rangers do decide on waiving Weekes to send him to Hartford (AHL), does anyone honestly believe someone will pick up a backup goaltender who is earning $2 million this season? I don’t think so…

  3. i’m betting my money that AS SOON as weekes’ groin is no longer a concern that valiquette goes down and immonen comes straight up

  4. So…


    And what about Cullen?




  5. I have a really bad feeling that this expriment is going to blow up on Renney’s face sooner rather than later. I am still searching for some (any!) rational reason to break up one of the best lines in the league last season.

    Shanahan played RW the whole year for Detroit last season and from what I’ve gathered, he has looked very much out of place with Jags and Nylander at practice.

    I just don’t get it.

  6. shanahan is not going to play on the jagr line at evenstrength…they have been together because they are gonna be on the pp together and they are trying to develop chemistry between them. since jagr missed camp and most of preseason they trying to cram extra work together in a few days to help develop that chemistry…jagr, nylander and straka already have chemistry so they don’t need to worry about that.

  7. Anthony (Abev) on

    The Shanahan – Jagr thing has concerned me from the get go. I think Jagr likes to be in charge and do things the Euro way, even though he doesnt care much for being the “C”.

    Shanahan is a natural leader, a NA Hockey legend. He will get alot of attention.

    I am not sure if it will cause any friction, but if either one gets off to a slow start, we could see a winter version of Jeter vs Arod.

    Dont get me wrong, we wont see an all out collaspe. This is a playoff team, I just hope there doesnt become 2 sets of groups in the clubhouse. And any tension will come out during crunch time.

  8. As per the goalie situation… Who cares? We have LUNDQVIST!
    But seriously; Immonen should stay and Hossa should be sent back down where he belongs. I still remember last season when Immonen was brought up to replace Ruccin and he was great scoring 2 goals in his first 2 NHL games. What’s Hossa done? Hmmm… NOTHING! Dump Him.

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