Post-game musings….


In a fitting book-end to the evening, the Islanders Ice Dancers are back on the ice practicing their routines before an empty arena. You see, that’s what makes them the Ice Dancers that they are. They’re never satisfied.

Either that, or no one has told them they can leave…

On then, to some post-game thoughts:

* No pain reported by Jagr, which is a good sign for the Rangers. Here’s the bad sign: on several occasions, the big man knocked wood when talking about not getting hurt during the game. For a team that seems to have its entire season resting on his left shoulder, I’m not sure him knocking wood is the reassurance anyone is looking for…

* The preseason allows for some goofy logic. For instance, the Rangers had played pretty well until tonight, but that was actually bad because the team didn’t want to get a distorted sense of reality. Then they play bad tonight, which was actually good, because they want something to build on before the season. I know, it’s all very confusing.

* But wait, there’s more. Normally Tom Renney said a game like tonight is actually a good game to teach from. The problem: since the game wasn’t on TV, the Rangers need to rely on the mediocre in-house video feed for its videotape. In other words, bad game, bad tape, minimal gain. This is why we need to get the season started.

OK then, I’m out of here to brave the LIE….

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  1. This team doesnt rely on Jagr. This team relies on everyone BUT Jagr.

    We think we know where they can go with him. We saw where they couldnt go without him. The “new without-hims” will define the final destination.

  2. thanks for the coverage Sam.

    Will you be at the Boston game today? I hope so, looks like it won’t be on tv or radio in our area.

    Who do you think makes the team out of Dawes, Dubinsky and Immonen? And why is Hossa such a favorite of Renney’s?

    Thanks for anything you can share

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