Looks like he remembers how to play


No score at the end of one from the Island, but plenty to discuss. For instance:

* Jagr looked like you’d expect someone like him to look in the first game of the season, brilliant one second, a bit sloppy the next. He, Shanahan, and Nylander had a few opportunities on the power play, but there wasn’t much to show for it other than a few shots on goal. They’ll start the second period on the power play as well.

* Perhaps of greater importance, Jagr did take a couple of hits during the period, and lived to tell about it. Granted, it wasn’t anything in the Scott Stevens-open-ice category, but it beat anything he’s seen so far in practice,

* Of course, he was also booed every time he touched the puck, which to Rangers fans, is probably a good sign. If he looked pathetic out there, they wouldn’t even bother.

* A good period for Stephen Valiquette, who might well be the Rangers’ back-up to start the year. He stopped all nine shots he faced, and given the amount of space he takes up in goal, was also responsible for the Islanders’ missing the net altogether a few times as well.

* Meanwhile, there’s Karel Rachunek, who didn’t exactly help his case to wrap up a defensive spot next Thursday by giving up the puck every other time he touched it. Renney to Rachunek: “Hey uh Karel, we’re the team in white…”

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  1. Sam,
    Hows Dubinsky lookin so far? Seems valiquete is a viable backup for the season, do you think he is good enough to back up henke for the whole season and possibly move Weekes? I was just wondering what you thaught his level of play was.

  2. Also thanks for the game update, with it not being on TV,its great of you to do that for us. Any reasons its not on TV? i know its preseason but it is Isles vs Rangers and Jagr’s first game of the year. i would think that would warrant a tv spot dont you?

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