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Looks like the Greg Moore-Daniel Girardi era in New York is going to have to wait. The Rangers haven’t made an official announcement, but neither are on the ice right now for practice.

I don’t think that’s much of a surprise, although it sounds like some of you had already taken to Moore. My guess is he’ll be back soon enough.

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  1. well girardi made the decision easy after last nights game. moore well thats a numbers game. looks like its down to immo/dawes/dubinsky question is are their two spots available or only one?

    on defense if im the rangers im doing everything i can to trade a dman preferably rachunek or even roszival (will be tough because of injury) to make room for baranka or staal. im convinced that pock has won the 7th dman job. so really this comes down to staal/rachunek/baranka/for the final starting 6 position. i don’t think it will hurt baranka to go down although he looks great. so the question is do we send pock back to juniors although he may regress there? or do we trade rachunek and let staal learn on the job? very tough decision on the backline as well as the front line.

  2. Staal goes back to juniors. He’s not ready for prime time yet. Ideally, he’d get some playing time with the Pack, but as we all know, that’s not possible.

    My guess is that neither Rachunek or Roszival will be traded anytime soon. Pock has probably won the 7th slot, with Baranka the first callup, but after that, with the majority of our top prospects on defense stuck in juniors, the depth gets a little thin. I wasn’t all that impressed with Girardi, though I understand his game is to play quiet, solid D without any flash. I’m not convinced we’re going to be as lucky with injuries this year as we were last year (as pre-season has already shown) and think we need all the depth we can get. Besides, I think people will be pleasantly surprised by Rachunek’s play if they give him a chance. The guy wasn’t considered to be one of the top defensemen in the RSL last year for nothing. And Roszival was our best defenseman last year, period. Ok, he may not be the top pair defenseman we used him as last year, but he’s better than at least half of our existing defense corps.

  3. Hey Sam, am I projecting or did you enjoy writing this -> “…although it sounds like some of you had already taken to Moore.” :)

  4. What it shows, Anthony, is that I take very seriously what you guys think. There seems to be a genuine appreciation for Moore, which is understandable. He’s a good player and I think he’s going to be back soon.

  5. Anthony (the other one) on

    In my opinion, none of the currently signed D-men is going anywhere. They just resigned Roszival and Rachunek.

    I do think Staal will stay up with the big club for at least a game or ten, and then he’ll be sent back to juniors. Maybe Pock, w/a two way contract, could start in Hartford and come up when Staal goes down?

    Sam – can a club carry more than 7 d-men during the regular season, as long as their roster stays within the max allowable? (think it’s 21) If not, could they get some relief by putting Roszie on IR?

  6. you can carry as many dmen as you want as long as you keep the roster at 23 players. the rangers last year went with two extra forwards and one extra dman for the most part. i believe they’ll do the same this year as well.

  7. True. In fact, given Charles Wang’s affinity for back-up goaltenders, the Islanders owner might want to carry six or seven this year — if only to groom them for the front office.

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