Three more to go before it counts…


First, thanks to all for the quick responses to my query about the state of hockey. Please keep them coming. Next up, anyone available to clean my gutters?

But seriously, here’s a quick look at tonight’s lineup. Henrik Lundqvist gets the nod in goal and is expected to play the whole game:


Tyutin-A. Ward

In other news:

— Michal Rozsival skated for the first time today a week after arthroscopic surgery, and reported no pain.

— Brendan Shanahan didn’t skate, but said his groin is fine. If it wasn’t the preseason, he’d likely play.

— The same could be likely said for Jagr, who worked out with the rest of the team but is still on the ice while I type. Again, the larger issue, as I mentioned in “my story today”: is conditioning, which No. 68 seems to be addressing as we speak.

— It’s worth noting that both Ivan Baranka and Daniel Girardi have impressed Tom Renney thus far in camp. I’m pretty sure no one expected them to hang around as long as they have, but now it looks like one, if not both, will be in the mix at some point this season.

— Not surprisingly, Renney also had plenty to say about both Brandon Dubinsky and Nigel Dawes, who seem to be in competition for more than just a roster spot. The team yesterday polled the writers about who they thought was the top rookie in training camp. I was torn between the two but eventually went with Dubinsky, perhaps entirely because of the goal he scored on Marty Brodeur last week. It seems like more of my fellow writers went with Dawes. Take that for what it’s worth.

OK, all, thanks for reading. Back with more later from the Garden…

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  1. How did you get those line combos ???? Is it just that you predict how they could form their lineup after attending the morning practice ??? Or did you talk to the Coach ????

    Usually coaches don´t talk to the press or even announce line combinations not before one hour until to game it is over here in Europe !!!!

    I am little bit disappointed about the fact that nobody gave me any response about the idea that Brendan Shanahan could tutor Brendan Dubinsky and Nigel Dawes on a line as it once Brett Hull did with Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsjuk. I know it is a bold idea but what I hear from you guys that Dubinsky and Dawes are not that far way talent wise like the two Red Wings…..

  2. Matthias —

    I’m just really, really smart. Either that, or when you show up at the morning skate, you just look at who’s on the ice with who (each forward line wears the same colored jerseys). The defense is a little more complicated, and I’m already discovering that I have four sets of D. That’s what I saw on the ice, but I’m not sure if one of those lines isn’t dressing.

    Meanwhile, your idea about Shanny with Dawes and Dubinsky is a good one, but bear in mind there are plenty of opportunities for him to tutor them without playing with them on the same line. More important is to put Shanahan in position to score goals, and I think playing with Cullen and Prucha will accomplish that.

  3. Just short before focussing on the Champions League, I am planning to be on the computer for the 1 am start for the game tonight ….

    Do you exspect the best possible lineup in any of the remaining preseason games as maybe it could look like for opening night ?????

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