Pre-game thoughts


A few morsels to chew on before the puck drops:

— Henrik Lundqvist said today that he’s moving into Manhattan in part because there wasn’t enough to do in White Plains. As a Westchester native, I find myself offended, outraged, and, of course, in complete agreement with him….

— Apparently Blair Betts took offense, too: he hit Lundqvist in the head with a shot during warm-ups.

— Bad omen for the Rangers: I grabbed the latest issue of Sports Illustrated out of my mailbox before heading into the city, and the magazine’s NHL preview has the Rangers winning the Atlantic Division and finishing second in the Eastern Conference. Of course, I’m fairly certain this mean the Rangers won’t win 10 games all year, and might even disband by season’s end.

— Already controversy looms over the Lars-Erik Sjoberg Award that will be shared by Nigel Dawes and Brandon Dubinsky. In a vote of New York media, the two tied as training camp’s top rookie, and yet one respected writer never got a chance to vote because his cell phone didn’t work when the Rangers called. Had he voted, he said he would have cast a ballot for Dawes. Bring in the Supreme Court!….

OK, that’s all for now. Back with more later…

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  1. Thanks, Sam

    1.10 am I will skip the game tonight after more than 10 hours wórking in my office and watching two soccer games in full length…

    I am sorry but I am done for today and can´t open the eyes any more …The Rangers will be crashing the Bruins tonight even without me :)

  2. Was at the game last night. Definitely had an AHL feel looking at all the empty seats. Couple of comments on Dawes – Dubinsky:
    – Nothing special from Dawes last night except for that one play to draw the penalty on Chara. With limited perspective to date, he looks a little selfish potentially trying to do too much (stickhandling) by himself. We all know physically he’s small but solid. Pre-season is not a time to judge how players will put their stamp on the game, but right now, although I don’t see him being intimidated, I do see him ‘getting lost’ out there when the real games start. I just don’t feel his presence.
    – On the other hand, Dubinsky reminds me of a young Walter Tkaczuk and that could be a real good thing down the road. He’s strong on the puck, reads the ice well and is certainly not afraid to bang and play both ends of the ice. One small nugget for being at this ho-hum affair rather than watching on TV was when Brandon made sure Shean Donovan did not get away with hitting Prucha as their lines got off late in the 3rd (Thank you,Joe McGrath). It’s small stuff like that we all hope the coaching staff will consider. I, for one, hope he stays

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