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— Kids, here’s hoping you saw Adam Hall’s goal in the second period. There’s a reason why hockey coaches implore their players to go hard to the net and Hall showed why, digging up his own rebound and then stuffing it in for the game’s only goal. It was textbook stuff, as was a second period play by Nigel Dawes, when he kept his legs moving enough to blow past Zdeno Chara and draw a penalty. As an alternative, I suggest some videos from my playing days to demonstrate what NOT to do in such situations….

— The Rangers are now 0-for-33 on the power play this preseason. True, it doesn’t help that almost all of the power play principals — i.e. Jagr, Shanahan, Nylander, Rozsival — were out of the lineup tonight, but it hasn’t been encouraging thus far. I suggest a radical makeover to the whole thing, maybe something involving mirrors and a fog machine. I’ll get back to you on this…

— Speaking of Chara, bear in mind the Rangers entertained dishing out all kinds of money for the big man this off-season, and as fans, you should be glad they didn’t. I’d say he looked bad tonight, but that would be an insult to bad players everywhere…

— Six periods for Henrik Lundqvist thus far, no goals. I’m not sure what else to say. But my sources deep inside the NHL tell me that’s pretty good.

— The Rangers now play ABBA in their victory locker room. If you’re looking for a reason to root AGAINST the team this year, if only for my sake, this might be it…

OK, that’s it for now. I need to find my car since I sort of forgot where I parked it. More tomorow…

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  1. During the waning minutes of the third, I was arranging my responses for various Rangers rants, blogs, and message boards. The one question I kept asking was why is everyone talking about Dawes and Dubinsky and so few are talking about Greg Moore?

    His interference penalty late in the 3rd made me pause and think a bit. Maybe it was a questionable call – I still havnt looked at it on Rangers in 60 so I will give him the benefit of the doubt, for now.

    My thought process was interupted by Joe Tollesson telling me the Rangers 3rd star was Nigel Dawes. WHAT?! 3rd star for being…most confused? Most invisible?

    Did I see it wrong, or was both Jason Ward and Ryan Hollweg discussing if not repremanding him about his positioning around 10mins to go in the 2nd.

    So are we going to be force fed Nigel Dawes by the Rangers media? Is everyone high fiving each other every time Dawes skates without falling down?

    BTW my last rant about a player was against Marcel Hossa only hours before he had a career game (2+2=4pts) last year vs Columbus.

  2. Sam you have missed to be on the NHL/FHM Game On Party, presented by COLD-fX at Marquee in Manhattan. Actors, actresses, VJs and ring announcers were just part of the crowd that rubbed elbows with NHL players and invited guests.There you wouldn´t had any problems with your toes talking to some hot celebrities :)

  3. I agree on Greg Moore. He may not be as exciting as others but he is a solid two way player. He displays a maturity and knowledge of the game on ice that few players his age possess. I look forward to watching him play for the Wolfpack where I hope he will develop his game and either beceome a better scorer or checker. It is not enough to be simply be good at both ends of the ice–he needs to excel in a particular part of the game. Being bright and articulate also helps Moore.

  4. sam your right the powerplay is atrocious and needs to be fixed. i proposed we add jaromir jagr, brendan shanahan michael nylander upfront that should help no???? i know you picked that sarcasm up :) don’t worry about the powerplay we’ve yet to even have anything resembling a real powerplay unit on the ice yet.

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