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Greetings from the Garden. Since I know you won’t sleep until you have the results, it turns out Nigel Dawes and Brandon Dubinsky tied for the Lars-Erik Sjoberg Award as the top rookie in camp. The award is named after the former Winnipeg Jet captain who later became a Rangers scout. He died in 1987.

Below are previous winners, which is a pretty impressive group. That said, what do you make of Mattias Norstrom winning it in back-to-back years? I mean, how good a rookie could you be if you were a rookie the next year as well?

Lars-Erik Sjoberg Award Winners

Mike Richter 1988

Troy Mallette 1989

Steven Rice 1990

Tony Amonte 1991

Peter Andersson 1992

Mattias Norstrom 1993

Mattias Norstrom 1994

Niklas Sundstrom 1995

Eric Cairns 1996

Marc Savard 1997

Manny Malhotra 1998

Kim Johnsson 1999

Filip Novak 2000

Dan Blackburn 2001

Jamie Lundmark 2002

Dominic Moore 2003

Henrik Lundqvist 2005

Nigel Dawes 2006

Brandon Dubinsky 2006

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