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Today’s “story looks at Greg Moore”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060926/SPORTS01/609260357/1046/SPORTS, who threw himself into contention for a forward spot with a strong preseason effort last week, and who survived another round of cuts this morning.

Hartford Wolf Pack

You may notice I’ve been spending a fair amount of time talking about prospects of late, and some of that is because that’s where your interest seems to lie at this time of year. The other way to look at is we’re going to spend upwards of six months talking about the likes of Jagr, Lundqvist, and Shanahan, so for now, it’s worth taking a look at the guys who might not be around much longer.

In that vein, some guys are already gone, most notably goaltender Al Montoya and forward Lauri Korpikoski, both of whom had made positive impressions in camp, but were re-assigned to Hartford this morning. Joining them is Dwight Helminen, Martin Richter, and Lee Falardeau. Put two in the minus column for yours truly since I had both Richter and Montoya on the opening night roster in our roster pool. Shows how much I know.

Meanwhile, the Rangers are in the midst of practice and Jagr is with them, having been fully cleared by team doctors yesterday. I’ll have more on that later….

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  1. Hey Sam,
    great article today, i appreciate you writing those articles, they are good reads, and your right most people do want to know about prospects. i personally love learning more about them. they are the future of the team. we all know most stuff about the stars, its the kids we dont know much about, which is why i like your articles about the prospects. Keep em coming man, they are great!

  2. Thanks, Greg. I’ve always been drawn to stories about guys fighting for jobs. It’s one thing that makes sports so interesting. For the most part, you can say these guys all live the life. But they’re also always looking over their shoulders to make sure they measure up. It would be like me always worrying if tomorrow I’d be traded for two basketball writers and a copy editor to be named later.

  3. great stuff(again!)

    was curious if you had any insight into the latest round of cuts…

    particularly Richter going and Girardi staying…I had Richter as a pretty solid lock for #7 d-man, maybe a #6 depending on injuries or Rachunek faltering…did he really disappoint the coaching staff that much?…on the flip side, I was also really surprised to see Girardi survive another day after a tough game against the Isles…

    and Valiquette over Montoya struck me a little funny too…thought they woulda kept Montoya around as long as possible, like they’re probably doing with Staal…

    also curious about the brass’ thoughts on what they might do about the skybox ‘Black Aces’ players, especially on the blueline…doesn’t look like they have a journeyman vet for the job(like Strudwick last year), so do they choose a youngster like Pock, Baranka, Girardi or the just-demoted Richter for the role or make a move for a vet and let the kiddies play a ton in Hartford?

    okay, someone else’s cabbage on the line…who ya think sticks?…Dawes or Moore or neither?…Dubinsky or Immonen?

    thanks and love the work!

  4. OK, Despo, deep breath for this one.

    As you’ll see in my most recent entry, I think both Girardi and Baranka have surpassed Richter and are now actually in contention to make the team. Tonight will definitely be telling to see who edges out in front. Both have shown more than Rachunek in my opinion.

    As for Valiquette and Montoya, it’s fairly simple. Montoya needs to play at this stage, which is why he was sent down to Hartford, whereas Valiquette is older and can afford to serve as a backup during the preseason.

    And if I had to handicap them, I’d say Dawes and Dubinsky are neck-and-neck, although it would seem to help Dubinsky’s case that he can play center while Dawes can’t. Immonen in my eyes would be a step behind them, and Moore, while showing tremendous progress, would seem destined to start the year in Hartford. Of course, I thought he’d be gone by now, so what do I know?

    How’s that?

  5. I’m turning purple!

    Cool, thanks for the low down and heads up…certainly never saw Girardi coming!…but good for him and Baranka(another guy I thought would be a year away)…bummin’ about Rachunek though, was hoping he’d, well, be doing better!

    all hail the mighty Dubinsky!

    thanks much!

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