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A note on the board in the Rangers dressing room at the MSG Training Center today read: “Dominic, ‘Suit Guy’ from Montreal Coming Tomorrow.”

That’s when you know you’ve made it to the NHL. I don’t think “Suit Guys” are making calls to players in Hartford, and if they are, they’re probably coming from no further than New Haven.

Speaking of Hartford, the Rangers recalled eight players from their AHL camp for tonight’s games against the Islanders (Gentleman, start your Potvin whistles). Here’s the lineup as far as I can tell, although you’ll see I’m still sketchy on the defensive pairings.

Stephen Valiquette is getting the start in goal and is expected to play the whole game.

Brendan Shanahan-Nigel Dawes-Matt Cullen
Lauri Korpikoski-Blair Betts-Greg Moore
Lee Falardeau-Jason Ward-Jarko Immonen
Colton Orr-Ryan Hollweg-Dwight Helminen

Karel Rachunek
Darius Kasparitis
Marek Malik
Ivan Baranka
Daniel Girardi
Martin Richter

Stephen Valiquette
Al Montoya

In other news, I brought myself to sit down and talk to the recently recalled Greg Moore today even though he’s a dreaded Maine Black Bear and I’m a proud graduate of UNH. Painful as it is for me to admit, he’s not a bad guy.Given the wealth of forwards in camp, I don’t know what sort of chance he has of making the team. But even Moore admitted he’ll need another solid effort tonight (he had two points last Wednesday) to even have a chance.

OK, that’s all for now. Back with more later from the Garden….

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  1. Hey Sam ..

    I’m a UNH alumn as well .. of course they put in the snappy new arena 2 years AFTER i graduated .. Snively it was ..


  2. Ethan —

    They opened the Whittemore Center my senior year, and played Snively for the last time when I was a sophomore. In between, they had a vagabond season playing out of a depressing arena in Manchester and practicing in Londonderry. That was a grim time.

    Speaking of which, I can’t verify this, but I believe I was among the first students to skate on the Whittemore Center rink, having snuck in late one Sunday evening prior to its opening. Some guys did a lot of drugs in college…..

  3. Sam,

    I am sorry that is out of context but as often as I was in Manhattan, I have no idea about the location of the Rangers training facility. I am looking right now on the map of Westchester County where I think it is… I just realize it is the same direction like your home town of Port Chester.. So you are more close there as to the Garden, and how far is that away from the MSG ????

    I think I remember is it Greenburgh ????

  4. whoa I thought the suit guy was from Westchester!? Ya know, the one that Tony told cousin Brian to go to after that HUD tip?

  5. But seriously folks. Sam, regarding these young guys, I’d love to know how they really feel when they are competing with others for a spot on the team? Do they secretly hope for less than stellar shifts?

    Are they happy if their competition does well knowing the limited space available on the roster?

  6. Matthias —
    The Greenburgh facility is about a 35-minute drive north from MSG (without traffic), and it’s about 15 minutes or so west of Port Chester (Greenburgh and P.C. are both in Westchester. This concludes today’s geography lesson).

    Anthony —
    It’s a great question, and one that you’ll never get an honest answer on. No, I don’t think they’re wishing ill will upon each other, but I can’t imagine one prospect is thrilled when another is thriving. It’s kind of like my story the other day on Al Montoya. I asked him how he felt when he saw Lundqvist having the success he did last year. Montoya gave the expected “It was good to see that for him” response, which he should have. But seeing how it was likely at his expense, my guess is it might have been difficult.

  7. Thanks Sam !

    As a kid I want to become geography teacher, so what a luck, I have another job now :):):)

    Is there a specific reason you don´t have Brandon Dubinsky in your line up for tonight ????

    I probably have missed something over here, eh :):):)

  8. Hey Sam ..

    I’m not sure what drugs you are talking about .. UNH??? hmmmm … such a good school full of straight laced choir boys ;-p

    I graduated in ’89 – we did some pond hockey, broom ball and such … not to mention many a sonowball war .. one that ranged pretty much the MUD to town .. about 400 people!

    (PS. I think Karl took about 6 years off my life! LOL!)


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