Hockey Night in San Juan


It’s a tough phrase to get used to. Right up there with “Deep Sea Fishing Day in Omaha.”

Alas, dear readers, I did not make the trek to Puerto Rico for tonight’s festivities, which hardly makes me unique. Of the Rangers’ beat writers, I’m pretty sure only the industrious Steve Zipay of Newsday will be in attendance.

But my plan is to watch the telecast on MSG and eventually offer some assessments.

Man. A Saturday night watching pre-season hockey on TV. What’s Spanish for “I need to get a life”?

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, plenty of good seats available.

Maybe we shouldn’t be counting on a San Juan expansion franchise anytime soon. They just showed a wide shot of the arena and I think I counted about 53 people there — and this is including members of both teams.

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  1. 2.20 in the morning another sleepless night in Germany and the scoreboard on is not working for the Rangers-Panthers game in San Juan, on http://www.newyorkrangers I can only read 1-1 and match is in progress….

    Sometimes I feel we are not in the 21st century :):):)

    Imagine beeing in the caribbean outside the arena round high in the 90 having ordered a pina colada and then entering the Coliseum de San Juan de Puerto Rico watching a game on an ice rink, kind a little bit strange and weird :):)

    hihi in 2000 I watched a game at Phoenix high in the 90 as well at the old America West Arena the Coyotes and the Flyers…it was March 13, 2000 quickly checking one of my numerous pinboards with hundreds of tickets for games around the world for almost twenty years….:):))

    What should I do now ???? Trying to go to bed or waiting that someone updates me on the game out of the Carribean ??????


  2. It’s 1-1 at the end of 1, Matthias. Florida got its goal after Blair Betts coughed up a puck in front of the net, and the Rangers answered when Petr Prucha jammed in a rebound off a Brendan Shanahan shot. I told you those two, along with Matt Cullen, would make for a strong unit.

  3. Thanks Sam

    on they have now the complet line up and a short recap of the first period…

    I will try to go on the sports leader they have sometimes a minute to minute live scoring….

    I try to make myself as comfortable as possible sitting now in an armchair in front of my tv watching a kind of striptease night programming donning my headset for listening to australian music from ice house and men at work and checking constanly my computer next to tv for updates on the Rangers Game….:):):)

  4. Sam, what did you think about my idea pairing Shanny up wit the two kids, Nigel Dawes and Brandon Dubinsky, another version of the line of two kids and an old goat :)

    Dawes and Dubinsky obviously were not paired together either on this game… Dawes is on the left side of Blair Betts with Adam Hall and Dubinsky centering for Ryan Hollweg and Jason Ward..!!!!

  5. Rangers 3-2 in the 3rd….

    What about the Florida lineup ???? Big guy like Jokinen, Nieuwendyk, Roberts, Bertuzzi and Stumpel are playing ????

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