Cancel the season


The Rangers are apparently headed to the world famous Bacardi plant in San Juan for a tour and dinner right about now.

I’m going to resist the urge to say that a hockey team and enormous quantities of rum sounds like a disturbing the peace citation waiting to happen….

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  1. It is a good thing that Theoren Fleury is not on the trip. Hmmm, was that in poor taste?

    I am just joking around but he was certainly a roudy guy if you ask me.

    Your man in White Plains,

    Patrick Hoffman

  2. I have been twice to the Carribean and I say it sounds good because let them enjoy the weekend before starting the season having to play almost every second day from the beginning of October until hopefully deep into May or June…

    I am starting the weekend to sit in vienna coffeehouse kind of atmosphere in a bigger city next to my home town village ( it is special feeling you always have when you are in Vienna with their special accent!!) and enjoying the beautiful saturday morning sun thinking about”what the heck I am doing here when the season starts at October 5th at MSG instead of feeding koalas and cangaroos in January in Australia “:):):)

    Have a nice weekend to everybody


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