Puerto Rico lineup set


Not a whole of surprises in terms of who is making the trip south for the Rangers’ preseason game in Puerto Rico, although it’s worth noting that Marc Staal, Brandon Dubinsky, and Nigel Dawes are all on board.

Jaromir Jagr took part in the team’s workout prior to their flight south, but as expected, he is not going. The rest:

Brendan Shanahan-Martin Straka-Michael Nylander
Adam Hall-Nigel Dawes-Blair Betts
Matt Cullen-Petr Prucha-Colton Orr
Ryan Hollweg-Brandon Dubinsky-Jason Ward
Marcel Hossa
Thomas Pock-Darius Kasparitis
Aaron Ward-Fedor Tyutin
Marek Malik-Marc Staal
Karel Rachunek

Al Montoya-Stephen Valiquette

It’s worth noting that the Rangers’ writers are taking part in a roster pool to decide who will be on the opening night roster, and this is essentially the team I turned in by last night’s deadline. The two exceptions were Valiquette, who will presumably be replaced by Henrik Lundqvist, and Staal, who I assumed would be sent back to juniors.

Of course, the reason I had Martin Richter instead of Staal was that I hadn’t completely grasped the fact that the Rangers get a 10-game window to look at Staal before they would have to send him down. Had I known that, I would have had him as well.

Oh well. You learn something every day in this job.

By the way, when Tom Renney was going over the roster with us, we told him about the pool. “That’s a good idea,” he said.

Yes, we said. But you can’t be in on it. That wouldn’t exactly be fair.

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  1. were those the lines in practice sam? if so im very surprised that rachunek was the extra dman and not pock or staal. i also confused seeing orr with prucha and cullen would make alot more sense to see hall or even ward there for now with jagr out. anyway looks like this is going to be renney’s team for the most part. interesting to see hossa not in there thank god. let me know

  2. Sam !

    Do you know what funny is that I just realized that you like some different sports like me in golf and hockey with me as a diehard soccer, tennis and hockey fan with those not really have something in common as a team sports in contrast to single person kind of sports….

    It is difficult to explain to others the reason for it !

    Do you agree and do you see some simularities between both hockey and golf ????

    Many of my colleagues saying they don´t understand me following and traveling tennis ( I am going to Australia for six weeks for a couple of tournaments in January 2007 as a fan) as such a boring kind of sports, but I like the challenge one and one as much like the speed of hockey…


  3. So please let me allow to add this :

    Do you what Madison Square Garden in New York, Estadio Camp Nou in Barcelona and Center Court of Wimbledon have in common:

    I was there in person at least three times and they are the best venues in their respective sports…:):):):)

  4. Sam

    How has Jessiman looked so far? How do the rangers brass feel about where he is and how do they feel about where Jessiman has to go this year.

  5. Sam, I guess it all depends on if Rozsival is healthy – who I have down on my list. I also have Jagr playing and Jarkko Immonen making the Taxi squad in the beginning of the year.

    I do have Montoya starting the year in NY, since I don’t think Weekes will be healthy.

    We shall see.

    Joe McDonald

  6. Whether it’s because he’s from here or because he’s such a lightning rod, it seems like I get more questions about Jessiman than anyone else. I would say he’s looked better as camp has gone on — mostly because, as I’ve alluded to before, he’s simplified his game and become more physical (case in point, Jessiman is also sporting a nice shiner after mucking it up in the Devil game Tuesday).

    That said, if the Puerto Rico lineup is at all a hint of what the opening night roster is going to look like, it’d have been a huge shock to see Jessiman on it. Keep in mind, this is a guy who was sent down to the East Coast league for a spell last year. I think the Rangers see him at Hartford this year and maybe — and this is a big maybe — he merits consideration next year. .

  7. Sam

    I have read all the papers today and there is a lot speculation that Jagr will not play in any of the preseason games and will not be even in the lineup for opening night.
    Did you see him during his rehabbing at Westchester, and do you think he will be ready to go for October 5th ???

    They are saying you need a minimum of five month of recovery after that kind of surgery and he would be five days short of this, lacking strength in the shoulder..

    What´s your opinion about that ???

    Seems to be that the blueshirts will have a lot of fun going to Puerto because I heard about that further activites including on friday visting rum factories etc in contrast of the Panthers who are playing tonight in Chicago and play after the game in San Jose the following night at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit…:):):)

  8. Sam,

    Now that we’ve established that Hugh will probably be in Hartford – not that there was too much doubt, although his camp performance has certainly been encouraging, to hear you tell it – do you think there’s anything to be gained from playing him with recent signee Mike Ouellette, who centered Jessiman and current Blues forward Lee Stempniak up at Dartmouth? Or would the Pack be more likely to put him with someone who’s more likely to play with him in New York one of these days?

  9. Matthias —
    I mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth repeating: I think the Rangers are being overly cautious with Jagr. You’re right about the timeline and you’re right that he might not be ready in time for the opener — Renney conceded as much today — but he does look good in practice. I think if it’s not Oct. 5, then it’s Oct. 12 or something to that effect. It’s not going to be more than that.

    And yes, if this was March or April and the the Rangers were fighting for a spot, he’d be playing.

  10. Eddy —

    I think long term it doesn’t matter who Jessiman plays with. It matters to the Wolf Pack, of course (and by that measure, maybe he will be more effective alongside someone he knows), but in terms of forging a bond for down the road in New York, there’s just too many variables.

    That said, I think it’s important to put a player like that in situations that they want to use him in the future. In other words, if he’s going to be a straight-to-the-net power forward in the NHL, put him on a line where that’s going to be his role in Hartford as well.

  11. Patrick Hoffman on

    Folks, Renney is just being smart with Jagr. We need this guy this year and we need him at his best and not just in the regular season, but in the playoffs as well. Renney knows what he is doing so for right now, I would not worry about Jagr.

    Sam, do you think Montoya will get a game in goal within the first couple of regular season games? It would be a great chance to see what Montoya has. I think the October 12th game could be a good date for Montoya to get a chance.

    What are your thoughts?

    Your Friend,

    Patrick Hoffman

  12. One would assume that if Montoya opens up the season with the Rangers, even if it’s for a little while, he would see some action. But I’m assuming the Rangers don’t want to carry him too long since he’ll still be spending most of the time on the bench. As soon as Weekes is healthy, Montoya will go to Hartford and play.

  13. Will Chris Holt end up back wuth the Charlotte Checkers this season? I know that he finished strong for the Wolf Pack last season in the Calder Cup playoffs but I just do not know if there is room for him in the organization right now, unless Montoya becomes trade bait at some point.

    What are your thoughts, Sam?

    Your Friend,

    Patrick S. Hoffman

  14. Ola —

    I would put Greg Moore in that category of players who are still going to get a decent look when the team gets back from Puerto Rico. Korpikoski would seem to be another. And here’s the other way to look at it: If Puerto Rico is a chance for the likes of Dubinsky and Dawes to play their way onto the roster, it’s also a way to play their off of it should they pitch a lemon. I don’t anticipate that happening, but it could.

  15. Pat —
    I can’t imagine Holt is too high on the team’s list given that Wednesday was a chance for him to play and the team opted instead to have Lundqvist play the full game.

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