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Ok, that’s better. The shots where 15-14 that period, meaning it actually was necessary for the Zamboni to clean both ends of the ice.

There’s already been a call to end the “Potvin S—” cheer, and in my first controversial move as hockey writer, blogger, and overall guardian of good taste, I second it.

Until then, a few thoughts:

— I was in the press room between periods when the Prucha goal was scored, and it was definitely strange hearing Joe Micheletti in the place of John Davidson. I’ll leave you at home to grade Michelett’s first effort (bear in mind, it is his FIRST effort), but it certainly sounds like it’s going to take some getting used to.

— Plenty of second-period fisticuffs thanks to the feisty, if not slightly unbalanced Cam Janssen, who fought both Colton Orr and Mike Hoffman in the second period. As a result, I’ve already noticed a new hockey phenomena of people holding up their cell phone cameras to capture the moment. “That’s me at the Grand Canyon. And look, here’s Cam Janssen breaking Mike Hoffman’s nose….”

— A very good period by Henrik Lundqvist, who had 14 saves in all and one impressive sequence toward the end of the period. It’s a good sign for the Rangers, seeing how everyone else seems to be injured with something…

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  1. I agree about the Potvin Sucks thing…enough already, especially with a bored crowd at a preseason game (geez, the third period was brutal).

    However, since both you and Josh have college hockey backgrounds, what do you think of importing the use of the word “Sieve” into the NHL? I’ve been trying at games I attend, shouting “SIEVE” instead of “HEY” during the Rangers Goal Song, but I only have an 11-game package, and had a seven-game pack last year. Can’t do it all myself…

  2. Hey Sam, just found the site… love it.

    Can’t say I agree on the Potvin chant. I think it gives character. Without it, you get just a vanilla crowd. While the Garden survives on the suits that fill the bottom rungs, I think it’s the fans in the 300s and 400s that wear their hearts on their sleeve.

    Not to mention the fact that every little kid at the Garden I’ve sat near turns to his mom or dad and ask “Who’s Potvin and why do they say that?” And the parent begrudgingly tells the story that led to the supporters’ never-ending tribute. If for nothing else, the chant keeps the history of the team alive. The child is told a story of something that happened – to him – eons ago. He immediately associates the team with having “so much history” and therefore develops a little bit of awe and respect for the team.

    All that being said… I do find it more than a little annoying when the next chant comes less than 30 seconds after the last one. There’s always unoriginal knuckleheads who say “bah, I can whistle louder.” Or they’re showing off to their buddies.

    THAT being said… I’m still going to wear my “Potvin Sucks” jersey to the games against the Isles. Because I like character. (But in the interest of full disclosure, I saw a similar jersey on the Island. So I’m just as unoriginal. I suck.) :)

  3. Good point, although doesn’t the Potvin cheer link mostly to the Rangers’ inability to beat the Islanders all those years? Maybe that’s not the history you want to relive.

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