The future’s so bright, they have to wear tinted visors…


My “story in today’s paper”: looks at the rare luxury the Rangers have in fielding two teams to start the preseason, this the result of actually having too many prospects they want to look at.

And to think, this is the same organization that once brought you the ill-fated acqusitions of Theo Fleury, Pavel Bure, and Kevin Stevens (full disclosure: you will likely never hear me say anything derogatory about the Rangers signing Wayne Gretzky, mainly because the Great One was far and away my favorite athlete growing up. I know that’s fairly amateur-ish, but that’s why I’ve always felt fortunate that I didn’t really cover Gretzky much while he was playing).


My goal with Rangers coverage this year is not to be some sort of organizational cheerleader, but I do think the team should be commended for what it’s done in turning things around on that front.

I get the sense from fans that there is more excitement about a prospect like Brandon Dubinsky than there is about some of the more established players. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the team has the potential to win now as well. But even losing is palatable when you know it might sow the seeds for the future.

Anyway, plenty more to discuss later. I’m off to the morning skate…

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  1. wow, wow and wow some more!

    great stuff you’re putting out here and rest assured you’ve made a legion of rabid Ranger fans ecstatic with your coverage…

    yessiree, got your blog high atop my list o’ bookmarks already

    (gonna save that thought for a rainy day, aintcha?)

    looking forward to any and all slivers, crumbs, table scraps, bits, fragments, iotas, scintillas, shreds, snippets and any other thesaurical(yeah, that’s a legit word, honest it is!) doo-dads you can throw our way!

    all the best

  2. DESPO, glad to see you over here too. Sam: all the information (or lack thereof) about Brian Leetch seems to be coming from the Rangers (Sather). Have any reporters had any luck talking to Leetch (or maybe Messier) to see what he’s thinking?

  3. A couple of reporters have talked to Leetch’s agent, Jay Grossman. From what I gather, it sounds like Leetch is still struggling with what he wants to do (or what’s available to him). I found it telling that they talked to Sather once a few weeks back and then haven’t re-connected.

  4. tsalad —

    Very positive re: Korpikoski. Both Renney and Don Maloney said that his stock has risen considerably even in a couple of days. Not sure if that means he has a chance to make the team, but he’s certainly opened some eyes.

  5. Sam, thanks for the extra coverage, really enjoy it. It’s obvious Jagr will come along slowly during the whole preseason, but how much of this is erring on the side of caution versus a serious injury that hasn’t fully healed? Any talk of him possibly having to miss the start of the regular season?

  6. Adam —
    I just stepped back to my computer after watching Jagr rip a wrist shot past Al Montoya in practice. Translation: they are moving slowly, but I wouldn’t worry.

  7. Sam, loved hearing that Jessiman was throwing his weight around in the game last night. Have been hoping he would play as if every shift was his last on the planet and maybe he is starting to. Is there any buzz that maybe he is starting to impress some folks??

  8. I think Jessiman is starting to impress in the sense that the coach are finally seeing signs of life. It was almost as if earlier in camp there was a sense of despondence about him but the last few days have been encouraging. Renney’s edict: he needs to keep it simple. If he tries to play like Jagr, he’s in trouble. But if he remains as physical as he was last night, the rest will take care of itself.

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