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The Rangers handed out a list of VIPs in attendance at tonight’s game, featuring an assortment of B-list actors and models. I got news for you: if you’re at a pre-season Rangers-Devils game at a half-empty Madison Square Garden, that alone precludes you from being a VIP….

Jokes aside, it’s actually not a bad crowd. I’m terrible with numbers, so don’t ask me to guess. But it’s certainly bigger than last night.

That said, it won’t be a real crowd until I see my first #54 Brandon Dubinsky jersey…

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  1. Great, the services on with live scoring and player stats works so I can follow it realizing that the Devils have only a handful of regulars in the lineup, kind of typical preseason game with the Rangers only fielding the top line with Shanny, Straka and Nylander with only making Adam Hall his Garden Debut…

    So it is much more interesting to talk about the b-models and VIP as I became a kind of a paparazzi the last couple of years through my traveling around the world :):):):)
    So Sarah Michelle is not in attendance at the Garden tonight ????:):)

    My apologies..she is not a b-model !!!:):):)


  2. uups…Matt Cullen not Adam Hall…it is very late now in Germany 1.45 in the morning…

    Sam, have a nice evening in a city ” that never sleeps”
    as I firmly can recall…

    Good night…..


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