Those are the shots through the first period. No truth to the rumor that Henrik Lundqvist was actually asleep in net from the seven-minute mark on.

Anyway, a couple of quick thoughts in between periods:

— I was going to say it even before he scored a highlight-film goal, but Matt Cullen has looked impressive in his Rangers debut. He handles the puck well, and clearly has some jump in his skates. Then came the goal when he went around David Hale and roofed a shot to give the Rangers the lead. Just remember, I noticed it first.

— Get used to the sight of Brendan Shanahan lingering near the face-off circle and firing off one-timers. Reverting to my golf background, that shot is what can be referred to as a “repeatable motion.” If all else fails, he could do that until he’s old enough for Social Security.

— The first “Potvin S—-” cheer was at 8:30 of the first period…

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  1. Man .. I’m getting bored of the Potvin sucks chant already!

    We new yorkers are known for creativity .. this keeping on of the old chant is just depressing.

  2. I agree ..

    Just to think Marty Broudeur dropped his wife and 3 kids in the dusts to run off with HER SISTER!!!

    How is this not on the tips of all garden toungs I don’t know ..

    Do you really still need to insult the Islanders at this point? Aren’t they doing it well enough themselves!

    keep up the blog Sam — thanks

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