Through two…


…the score remains Rangers 3, Devils 1.

Not a bad showing given the Rangers line-up is comprised almost entirely of prospects while the Devils — from Brodeur to Scott Gomez to Jamie Langenbrunner — clearly have more established players. If there’s a reason the Rangers have looked better at even strength than on the power play, maybe that’s because I don’t think the team has spent more than a few minutes on the PP in all of training camp.

A couple of tidbits:

— If you’re worred about how Ryan Hollweg is going to fare without last year’s linemates Dominic Moore and Jed Ortmeyer, there apparently isn’t much reason to. Hollweg has had an active game, with a couple of shots, a number of hits (legal and otherwise), and even a fight with Grant Marshall. But again, we don’t condone that sort of thing.

— Marc Staal is 19, and he’s made a few plays where he looks like….he’s 19. It’s not that Staal looks overmatched out there, because he doesn’t. It’s just there have been a few times when he’s been a little ambitious in the offensive end and has been caught out of position. That will get better with experience. Or so I’m told.

— Shots are 18-18, meaning the difference has been….that world famous sieve, Martin Brodeur. Of the three goals the future Hall of Famer has let in, at least two were questionable, and all three were on the soft side. I say trade him now, but something tells me he and the Devils will get over it.

— Still plenty of good seats available. Like, for instance, all of Section 240.

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  1. Patrick Hoffman on

    How would you rate Montoya’s performance tonight? I know he only played half the game but I was curious as to what you thought of him.

    Your Man in White Plains,

    Patrick Hoffman

  2. “—Still plenty of good seats available. Like, for instance, all of Section 240.”


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