Post-game musings


— Sometimes I know what I’m talking about. Other times, not so much. I said Marc Staal looked out of sorts at times during the game, but Tom Renney said just the opposite afterward. “I thought he played with a lot of poise,” Renney said.

— Al Montoya, Adam Hall, and Blair Betts were the first three stars, in that order. I voted for Hollweg, Dubinsky, and Hall. I’ve always been one to stray from the pack.

— I failed to point out that Brandon Dubinsky not only scored his first NHL-level goal tonight, but that he did it against Martin Brodeur. Not a bad start. “Obviously he’s one of the best goalies of all-time. It feels great and it’s something I’ll definitely remember for a long time,” Dubinsky said.

— Dubinsky was 9 of 10 on face-offs tonight. My first question tonight: “How could you lose that face-off?”

That’s all for me. I’m off to brave the traffic over the bridge for the ride home.

Until tomorrow…

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  1. Sam, thanks for the coverage – it is just wonderful. I look forard to visiting this blog VERY regularly throughout the year.

    Do you have any comments about Ivan Baranka’s play? According to he recorded more ice time than any other player (except the goalies). It looks like him and Rachenuk shared a lot of the PP time.

  2. Hay Sam,

    Thank you for the entertaining coverage! It was very frustrating for Rangers fans not to have this game televised. Do you have any news on tonight’s lineups?

  3. Jeremy —
    I don’t have any lineups yet, but I will in a little more than an hour at the morning skate. Just by deduction, you can guess that every significant player who didn’t play last night will play tonight. The exception, I’m expecting, will be Jagr. Stay tuned…

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