Abbreviated line-up for tonight


Or at least this is what I got from this morning’s skate at the MSG Training Center:

Adam Hall-Blair Betts-Marcel Hossa
Jason Ward-Nigel Dawes-Brandon Dubinsky
Francis Lessard-Ryan Hollweg-Lee Falardeau
Lauri Korpikoski-Dwight Helminen-Hugh Jessiman

Pay no attention to the order since this is just how I wrote them down.

As far as defensive pairings, I had Darius Kasparitis with Martin Richter, and Marc Staal with Aaron Ward. (No, the Rangers are not going with just two sets of defensemen. I just neglected to write down the other two. I’ll update later when I get to the Meadowlands).

Goaltenders are Stephen Valiquette and Henrik Lundqvist.

Meanwhile, the players who are playing tomorrow practiced immediately after tonight’s team, and it’s worth noting that Kevin Weekes was not in uniform for either session. No word yet if the goaltender is injured or sick, but I’ll let you know if there’s something to report.


In other news, new Rangers color announcer Joe Micheletti was at the skate this morning, and it’s apparent he’s still adjusting to his surroundings. Micheletti spent a good 10 minutes going over the best route to the Training Center with (Rangers assistant GM) Don and (Rangers radio color man) Dave Maloney. Various highways were discussed. Dave Maloney eventually turned over a piece of paper and drew a map.
Micheletti: South on the Taconic?
Dave Maloney: No, north on the Taconic.
Don Maloney: Actually it’s the Sprain which leads into the Taconic. You’re actually on the Sprain.

You got the sense that it could have gone on for hours. And to think, these are some of the sharpest minds in hockey….

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  1. Korpikoski-Helminen-Jessiman



    should be the lines to keep one’s eyes on.

    Korpikoski and Helminen should create a lot of scoring opportunities with their speed for and Jessiman adds a nice physical presense to that line. A real “young guns” line of sort.

    Should also be interesting to see how the two standouts Dawes and Dubinsky work together.

    I’m guessing Renney is gonna field his “A” lineup at the Garden then tho. Shanahan, Nylander, Straka, Jagr (if he plays), Prucha, Immonen etc..

  2. Don’t know about the “A” list, since my guess is that Jagr’s not ready to go yet.

    At the very least, it seems like he’s definitely planning to showcase the three new offseason acquisitions at the Garden.

    Sam – Are these games being broadcast anywhere? I’m guessing MSG is out, but will there be a radio broadcast, or webcast on

  3. Correct about tonight’s game being streamed on the FAN web site. I know that tomorrow’s game is on MSG, believe it or not, as will the game in Puerto Rico on Saturday (is it me, or does that phrase just sound goofy?)

    Since you may be interested in how things are shaping up tonight, I’ll try to throw up some updates between periods.

  4. We’d definitely appreciate it, although I’m going to hopefully check out the game on the FAN tonight.

    Thanks for the info! Blog has been great so far, Sam.

  5. Your website is quickly becoming the best out of all the Rangers related ones I read.
    Please keep up the great work.

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