Man, you guys take this seriously…


There’s already been a request for today’s goal scorers, which is suddenly putting me on the spot. Bear in mind there was no official stat sheet — or at least not one shared with the media — but here goes:

Jessiman (2)
Petr Prucha (on a breakaway)
Matt Cullen
Adam Hall

Shanahan (2)
Dwight Helminen (also on a breakaway)

If you really want to overanalyze it, and I’m assuming you do, I suppose it’s a good sign that three of your off-season acquisitions factored onto the score sheet.

But what do I know?

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  1. Hey Sam!

    Thanks for your reports. As a Finn, I’d be interested in knowing how Jarkko Immonen and Lauri Korpikoski have looked so far. I’ve followed both of their careers for many, many years and it’s great to see them at the stage they are right now.

  2. Great to see there are some hockey fans out there. Where were you guys when I was missing empty nets in high school?

    As far as Jarkko Immonen goes, I can tell you that he’s another guy who will be battling for one of the few remaining forward spots this year; and since he was centering Hugh Jessiman’s line, I’m pretty sure he was on the ice for both of Jessiman goals.

    Since Tom Renney is going to field two different teams in back-to-back games against the Devils, I’m fairly certain Immonen won’t play tomorrow but Wednesday at the Garden. I wouldn’t read too much into that, seeing how Brendan Shanahan is playing the same schedule.

    I’ll be honest when I say I haven’t seen much of Korpikoski, but that might just be an oversight on my part. There are a lot of guys here, and it’s tough to keep tabs on all of them. But now that there’s interest in him, I’ll keep you posted on how he’s faring.

  3. Sam

    Thanks for the extra work as its a good read.

    Pock vs Richter for the 7th spot on D perhaps. Who has the upper hand early?

  4. Good question. It’s funny, Just as Dawes and Dubinsky played together, so did Pock and Richter as a pairing on the Blue team. When asked if those were the two-front runners, Renney laughed and said it was a fair assumption.

    Both were pretty effective at moving the puck today (although the knock against Pock, a converted forward, is that he sometimes is too-offensive minded), but if there’s a tie-breaker, it’s worth noting that Pock is four years younger.

    By the way, I failed to mention this earlier, but the Rangers returned all of their junior players to their teams today, with the exception of one: former first round draft pick, Marc Staal. Does that mean the 19-year-old Staal is also in the mix? I don’t know. But it’s worth mentioning.

  5. i really think both dawes AND dubinsky should make this club. the way things shake up its basically saying that marcel hossa is going to be a regular player and to me he’s way behind dawes and dubinsky. i guess time will tell here in the next few days. to me the hole is still at center and thats where i think dubinsky has the real shot. but dawes should play himself into a roster spot i haven’t heard a thing about hossa all camp.

  6. Yeah, Sanguetti was among those sent down, but Staal stayed. It would be awesome if he made the team. That would also mean the Rangers could free some cap room by trading either Roszival or Malik perhaps.

    Btw, am I reading it correctly that Weekes and Montoya were in net for the scrimmage? Any word on who will start in net against the Devils?

  7. Sam, any update on the atmosphere at camp? I’m particularly curious about the camraderie on the ice… we lost a lot of regulars from last year, particularly from Jagr’s Czech posse. I tend to think that the success the team enjoyed last year was due, in part, to the players genuinely enjoying playing with each other. Any indication if that’s still the case?

  8. In regaurd to the title “Man, you guys take this seriously….”, why yes….we take our Rangers hockey very serious ;)

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